ISA: LoongArch
08-16 2022

LoongArch, welcome to the LLVM family!

Recently, the initial patches of LoongArch ISA (Loongson's self-developed CPU instruction set architecture) have officially been accepted into the LLVM compiler community, and the LoongArch top-level directory has been listed in the main source code library. The LoongArch has now become an ISA comparable to X86, ARM, and other ISAs in the LLVM compiler community.

LoongArch is officially supported by the LLVM compiler community!

The LoongArch directory appears in the main source code library

Loongson has always scrupulously abode by the concept of independent R&D and thoroughly implemented the spirit of "Always Be Independent" in the chip design field. After mastering the essential capabilities to design chip circuits independently, Loongson proceeded to the bottom layer, launched the independently-developed and self-designed LoongArch ISA, and successfully passed the evaluation of a Chinese third-party intellectual property institution.

The instruction system is the foundation for informatization development. It is crucial for the development of the instruction system ecology. In order to construct the technology system for basic software of the LoongArch ecosystem, Loongson has realized the "2+3+3+2" essential software capabilities, namely the support for LoongArch of the two cores of BIOS and Linux kernel, the three major compilers of GCC, LLVM and Golang, and the three virtual machines of Java, JavaScript, and .NET as well as the compatibility with Windows and Android ecosystems through binary translation for X86 and ARM.

In the future, Loongson will keep on actively interacting with developers in the LLVM compiler community with a positive attitude and embrace valuable suggestions from professional developers to further improve the LoongArch ISA ecosystem and promote the establishment of the LoongArch branch in the upstream community so that the international community can support China’s LoongArch instruction system in addition to X86, ARM, and other instruction systems.